Thomas and Marie are to be divorced and meet one last day to empty and sell the summer house. Neither of them knows the other’s true intentions. A young woman suddenly appears, driven by jealousy and with an agenda of her own. What was supposed to be a civilized end to a long marriage turns minute by minute into a shattering weekend that turns everything in their lives on its head.

  • In-house producer: Michael Sevholt
  • Grading: Ted Karlsson
  • DCP: Christer Engström
  • Director: Richard Hobert
  • Cinematographer: Andreas Troedsson
  • Producer: Håkan Hammarèn
  • Editor: Lisa Ekberg
  • Sound mix: Mikael Brodin and Gabrielle Wikhede
  • Music: Nina Hobert
  • Production Company: Fundament Film
2022 Fundament Film Feature Film, Fiction Film