(Vi finns inte längre)

One morning it’s all over. ”There’s No More We”, says Hampus ice cold to his fiancé Adrian. For Hampus it’s a total relief to break up from their destructive relationship, for Adrian it’s devastating. Adrian and Hampus now have to live through their last week together, before the final day arrives. But, let’s begin with the ending ..

  • In-house producer: Michael Sevholt
  • Conform: Christoffer Sevholt
  • Grading: Fateh Shams
  • DCP: Christer Engström
  • Director: David Färdmar
  • Producers: Lis Svensson Brandberg and David Färdmar
  • Cinematographer: Johannes Stenson
  • Editor: Christoffer Sevholt
  • Production Company: Färdmars Film
2018 Färdmars Film Short Film, Fiction Film