Mischmasch is a Documentary that tells the story of a Yiddish Amateur Theatre Group in Stockholm. For the first time they
are performing on a professional stage playing Strindberg`s “A Dream Play” in Yiddish.
It’s an odd mix: Not only was Strindberg a notorious anti-Semite, but they are also taking on a play that originally doesn’t
have any humour in it.
Known Swedish theatre director Judith Hollander adapted the drama to suit the comic traditions of Yiddish theatre, and
even includes a cardboard figure of Strindberg himself watching the actors perform. For one night even Strindberg might
laugh watching their version of his play at Strindberg ś Intima Theater in the heart of the Swedish capital of Stockholm.
The diverse performers include the old and young as well as believers and non-believers, all with different proficiency levels
of Yiddish. Their common goal is to preserve the language and bring it to the general public. The troupe is like a family to
them; some have known each other since childhood.
At the center of the film is Ben a pensioner, an active member of the Yiddish association who has been part of the group for
years along with his wife Bella. Stockholm is his New York, and at the night of the Premiere Stockholm becomes his

  • In-house producer: Michael Sevholt
  • Grading: Alexander Vikström
  • DCP: Christer Engström
  • Director: Uta Arning
  • Producer: Uta Arning and Michael Sevholt
  • Cinematographer: Charlotta Tengroth
  • Sound: Jonas Goldmann
  • Editor: Christoffer Sevholt
  • Sound mix: Måns Abrahamsson
  • Graphic design: Johanna Sevholt
  • Production Company: UMA Pictures
2023 UMA Pictures Coproductions, Short Film, Documentary Film