Painkiller is the story of Dijana – a proud Balkan-mother and cleaning woman – and her daughter Andrea – officially a successful artist, unofficially still living with her mum. They try, in their own ways, to make life better for one another but keep failing, again and again. Since Dijana is not getting any help for her chronic pain, her daughter has an idea to help her, in her own ways…

  • In-house producer: Michael Sevholt
  • Grading: Nikolai Waldman
  • DCP: Christer Engström
  • Director: Gabriela Pichler
  • Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius
  • Cinematographer: Johan Lundborg
  • Sound: Gustaf Berger
  • Editor: Andreas Nilsson and Johan Lundborg
  • Assistant editor: Christoffer Sevholt
  • VFX: Christer Engström
  • Sound mix: Gustaf Berger
  • Graphic design: Marcus Kristiansson
  • Production Company: Garagefilm International
2024 Garagefilm International Fiction Film, TV-series